Interim Services

Specialized areas we help assist with interim specialists:

  • Finance Directors

  • Public Works Directors

  • Planners

  • Parks and Recreation Directors

  • Economic Development Directors

  • Human Resource Directors

  • Community Development Directors

  • Community Services Directors

  • Airport Managers

  • Police Chiefs

  • IT Directors

  • City Managers

  • City Clerks

  • Procurement Officers

  • Library Directors

  • Fire Chiefs

  • Chief Building Officials

  • Chief Information Security Officer

For a complete list of all the position solutions Interim Public Management provides, please download our flyer.

Providing Management Mentorship to Guide Transitions

With the necessity of younger directors, clients have been asking for a new service from IPM to provide dedicated management mentors and IPM has responded.  With over 30 years of experience to bring your new or struggling directors up to the standard of excellence you’re expecting, our proficient mentors help train and guide less experienced management making their transition into becoming a seasoned supervisor a greater chance of success. Don’t trust the laissez-faire approach of a volunteer mentor. Provide the resources that your first-time director needs to gain confidence.  Whether you’re needing help navigating role transitions, growing your newly hired managers into leaders, or needing guidance with organization development, we have a mentor with experience, waiting to help.

Great Organizations Need Great People

Each interim executive is a longtime expert in his or her field with IPM providing executive degreed level professionals. You will have a large pool of over 200 experts to serve your needs. When you contract with us, you know you will receive the services of a public leader who has been through the transition period that occurs when a key official leaves.

Benefits of Hiring Interim Public Management

  • Provides needed Leadership during transition periods

  • Expertise now, when you need it

  • Gives time for quality search process

  • Keeps development opportunities moving forward

  • Helps retain and motivate employees

  • Guaranteed service ensuring satisfaction

Focus on Ethics and Confidentiality

Addressing ethical standards in public management starts with the hiring process. Recruiting talented, trustworthy and ethical individuals can be a time-consuming process. Adopted in 1924, the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) developed a Code of Ethics which defined the principles that today serve as the foundation for the local government management profession and set the standard for excellence. The mission of ICMA is to create excellence in local governance by developing and fostering professional local government management worldwide. IPM requires each of our Associates to abide by ICMA’s code of ethics and sign confidentiality agreements to protect the client.

Each Interim Public Management Associate accepts the following Code of Ethics:

  • Be dedicated to the concepts of effective and democratic public service

  • Affirm the dignity and worth of the services rendered

  • Be dedicated to the highest ideals of honor and integrity

  • Serve the best interest of all the people

  • Submit policy proposals to elected officials

  • Refrain from all political activities

  • Improve the team’s professional ability

  • Keep the Community informed of local government affairs

  • Resist encroachment on professional responsibilities

  • Handle matters of personnel on merit

  • Seek no favor

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