Providing Executive Leaders to Cities and Counties for Ten years and now serving Fire Districts

Interim Public Management has been providing interim executive-level managers to cities counties and fire districts across Arizona with excellent results. We’re not a headhunter, consultant, program auditor, or an external recruiting agency. We are a company committed to our clients for the long-term, helping them fill, sometimes unexpected, gaps without the additional employee-related expenses. Whether you’re restructuring, dealing with management challenges, or needing a fast solution for a limited time, we offer reliable, experienced managers to help fill the gap and get the job done. Our swift execution allows you the time to restructure or focus on finding the right candidate. Our focus on executive-level managers for cities, counties, and fire districts means we have the best interim managers with the experience you need.

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We specialize in providing interim department directors and city/county managers.

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Turnkey Solutions

Interim Public Management presents a turnkey solution that addresses the immediate management needs of local government and public organizations by providing seasoned interim city, town and county managers, and department directors to great organizations — turning turmoil into tranquility. Interim Public Management helps in a variety of situations.

  • Relevant Experience – When you need expert experience to solve your challenges.

  • Expansion – Filling temporary expansion or restructuring needs with flexibility.

  • New Skills – An easier way to bring in new skills and management styles.

  • Absences – Covering for maternity leave or any other absences.

“It’s not about money.

It’s about the people you have, and how you’re led.” 

Steve Jobs


Our firm was created to garner the years of experience accumulated by tenured public leaders and to harness that knowledge for the betterment of communities.

  • Variety – Our team of over 200 tenured public executives have managed over 70 different cities and organizations in 15 states and have the maturity and wisdom that is only obtained through experience

  • Flexibility – If you need a department director, we have the most experienced and dedicated professionals ready to serve for as long as you may need (commonly 3 to 9 months).

  • Seasoned Professionals – Although an existing employee is sometimes appointed to fill an interim vacancy, this practice leaves that individual overburdened and unable to be effective. Furthermore, it’s hard to return an existing employee to their previous job. Instead, Interim Public Management provides a seasoned professional – allowing optimal organizational performance.

  • Permanent Engagements – We provide experienced leaders in management for communities and organizations wanting to test drive a potential manager before making them a permanent member of their leadership team.

  • Transitional Experience – We provide managers and directors for temporary engagements: When communities and organizations in transition often need an experienced change agent that won’t stay on permanently.